Social Events

Summer Do July 2016 (evening)

Given the success of last year's 10 year anniversary summer party (and the enthusiasm of the members at the AGM for another one) we plan to hold a Running Sisters' summer party at Cha Cha Cafe along the lines of last year's event. Cha Cha expect to be open end of June so we will be one of their first bookings in the newly refurbished venue.

Further details to follow but please put the date Friday 15th July in your diary now.

Ascot 15th June

I think we should go ahead and book it very soon but need at least 12 to come along so if you fancy it...or know anyone who would ... Please let me know.. we have Lesley Macleod Leisa May Lisa Hoyland Yvonne Bryan, Carole, Liz and myself. I possibly have a friend who is coming too. The cost for 12 people would be £65 including transport and entry..If we can make numbers up to 16 it could be even cheaper.

Tarbouche 10 March 2016
Thank you all for your deposits. Just to confirm, we have a table booked in my name for Thursday 10/03/16 please note the slightly later time of 7.30 pm in the upstairs restaurant.

Corkage charge applies only to alcohol therefore you have to buy soft drinks. I didn't realise this as I took my own cola last time and no one said anything!

And another thing I didn't realise is they take CASH ONLY so no cards.

You can park in Market Street or use the Gade or Church car park.

We have; Lisa, Liz, Kathy, Sam W, Helen W, Maria, Barbara, Maggie, Michelle, Sharon, Janet and Pip. If anyone else wants to join us, there is still time, just let Lisa Hoyland know.