Committee Meeting Minutes 16th April 2016

Watford Running Sisters


Minutes of Meeting 16th April 2016


Present Lesley Macleod, Dora Slater, Barbara Byrne ,Sam Wade, Amanda Lee, Sharon Ensbury Michelle Thrale, Leisa May Katharine Finn

Apols Rosy Keane, Pam Pike, Lisa Hoyland


Agenda Item Minute Action By
Minutes of previous meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as correct. They had been circulated to all members in Feb
Chairs report No specific items for chairs report. It was agreed that actions from previous meeting could be covered under the relevant agenda items
Treasurers report No financial report.


Membership Report It was confirmed that an individual reminder had been sent out to those members with outstanding subs due. There had been a good response some people had just forgot and some wanted to defer for a year but stay in touch. 63 members have paid to date compared to 75 at the same point in 2015. Katharine agreed ok to have her email on website for membership issues. In relation to the club affiliation she Kathy and Pam were meeting to finalise. Katharine email to be added to website as membership contact.

Post meeting note. Further to the meeting concern was raised re publicizing personal information on a public website and a different approach was agreed. This will be reported at the next meeting

Cassiobury Restoration works Dora had contacted the council to confirm the status of the works. This together with the plans had been circulated to members. To date the parking reduction had not had a major impact. The summer,assuming good weather, might be more of a problem although the lack of paddling pool may reduce the “pull” factor. It was agreed to keep a watching brief and deal with any issues as they arose
Social Activites The Tarboush get together had about 12 attendees and all had a good time. The committee discussed the options for social activities.

The key one for the summer would be the summer party for which Lisa had a provisional booking with Cha Cha on the 15th July. It was agreed that plans for this needed to be firmed up and Lisa would be asked to draw together a sub committee to get the ball rolling. Key actions were to firm up numbers and to that end the sub committee would agree cost, propose subsidy for members attending and circulate information about the event to members with a request for deposit. Michelle and Amanda volunteered to join the sub committee. Michelle also agreed to ask David to take charge of the music. Other members of committee were willing to support the sub committee and Lisa should approach anyone she thinks could assist with the planning.

Only this event and the Xmas party are to be subsidized events in line with the voice of the AGM.



Lisa to form sub committee to plan summer party in detail. Communicate plans to members and ask for deposit to gauge commitment

















Other Social Activities Other social activities proposed.

NB none of these are subsidized events just an opportunity for members, who want to, to get together to do something in addition to running.

Activities to be planned

Virginia Water run -14/5/2016

Spa Day – Amanda to give info to Sam

Walk – Dora to lead –June

Paintballing Sept/Oct

Sam to work with other committee members to firm up and publicise the events Sam
Forthcoming Races Race for Life, Starlight Walk, Bushey Spire, Majorca (Oct) Amanda to ensure the dates are circulated to members. Remind members it is still possible to join the Majorca tour


Park Bench Amanda reported the cost had doubled and the committee agreed this was not feasible and therefore the end of the matter
Beginners Programme Sam had approached wemoveshemoves to see if they would encourage their graduates to consider joining us. Unfortunately due to the way the wemoveshemoves was funded they were not willing to do this. The committee agreed we would publicise the WRS with a poster at Cha Cha and also the revamped website. Poster to be designed and agree with Cha Cha to display once Cha Cha reopens Lisa
Website Sharon led the discussion. The skeleton of the new website was agreed to be excellent. Sharon needs the committee to help populate the pages. So Amanda to send race information, Sam social activities etc Leslie to draft a chairs welcome message.

If possible provide a link for couch to 5k app.

Pam to add URL to emails to members to encourage members to use the website.

The website is a marketing tool for the WRS and we want browsers to see what a fun group it is so we agreed not to lock off too much of the site to members only

Sharon will arrange a training session for committee so that she is not the only one who can post information,

The committee commended the excellent work Sharon had done and asked that she invoice Pam for the costs incurred.

Leslie to send chair’s welcome message to Sharon for posting


Sam and Amanda to send race and social activity update to Sharon


All committee members to send photo, short summary of what they on committee to Sharon for website


Sharon to invoice Pam for costs





Sam Amanda








WRS & Charity The committee confirmed that the WRS is not primarily a charity funding group. The historic support for the Peace Hospice had been endorsed by members at previous AGM. As a holding position it was proposed that as this was the last Starlight walk if more than 10 WRS members took part a donation of £50 should be made. It was agreed 2 other events would be supported on the same basis Berko 5 mile and Race for Life. This reflected the fact that these events do expect some form of fund raising by participants which can be difficult for individuals who enter a number of these events. A clear proposal will be put to the AGM in January 2017 to support this approach or not and to offer the opportunity for members to propose a local charity of the year which would be chosen by a draw.


Pam to action as agreed

Barbara to include item on AGM

Committee to agree by October detailed proposal for members to vote on re this matter

AOB None
Date of Next meeting Saturday 20th May Venue to be agreed Post meeting note this date has now changed to 4th June after running at a local venue to be agreed