Committee Meeting Minutes 18th February 2017

Watford Running Sisters Committee Meeting

18th  February 2017

Apologies were received from Rosey, Leisa, Dora

Minutes of the AGM were agreed for circulation to members. The minutes will be approved at the next AGM

Chair’s Report

Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

Nothing to Report

Membership Secretary Report

Membership renewal forms sent out.  Katharine reported some very positive feedback from a new member “lovely group of ladies…..made me feel welcome”

Beginners Induction

It was agreed to take this forward by a small group meeting to collect ideas and start planning for a course to begin 8th April. Pam will send an email out inviting anyone who wants to be involved to meet at Cha Cha 26th February at 11. 15

Action Pam to Convene meeting at Cha Cha to discuss beginners’ induction and invite any member who wants to get

involved to come along

Social Activities

Meal at Tarboush arranged for 2nd March. To date 18 WRS have signed up. Suggested that it would be a good idea to discuss other ideas for social activities on the evening

Summer Party

Committee agreed a tentative date of 14th July to be discussed with Mandy at Cha Cha next week. It was agreed an email to be sent to Mandy about this to give her time to think about the proposal. Michelle thought her partner David would consider DJing the event. It was agreed that any discussion re subsidy for the cost would wait until costs are clearer.

Action Lisa to send Mandy email re the proposed event and prospective date. Pam to raise matter when Beginners induction being discussed

Forthcoming Races

Sandra suggested we compile information on who is doing what and publicise to encourage others to join in

A race calendar was proposed with a focus on our core races.

All to share with Katharine and Sharon so they can publicise.

Sandra will look into a tailored secret London run for WRS recognizing the pace may need to be appropriate to WRS.

BB to agenda for next meeting a discussion re possible coaching sessions.


Send information re suitable races to Katharine -All

Investigate tailored secret London run - Sandra

Agenda discussion re coaching sessions -Barbara

Long Sleeved Shirts

Michelle to get a sample of long sleeved shirts in purple to being to the Park on a couple of Saturdays so that members can decide if they would like to purchase. Likely cost with logo is £16. Decision on subsidy will be taken when sample received and a view on number to be ordered made.

Sample also to be put on facebook and website to get views .

Obtain samples of purple shirts and bring to park on a couple of Saturdays to canvass opinion -Michelle

Publicise on website and facebook -Sharon /Katharine


Agreed Barbara to lead discussion on amendments to constitution with interested members. Suggested that Dora, Liz, Pam and Kathy might be interested. Aim to have a draft revision ready, for circulation to members to get their views, by Sept 2017 with a view to approval at AGM.

Organise get together to discuss constitution -Barbara

Data Protection

Agreed Youtube needs further discussion. Can put videos on facebook in the meantime as that is a closed environment.

Date of next meeting  01/04/2017 -Cha Cha 11.30