Injury advice?

Injury is one of our worst nightmares and will happen to all of us at some point. Leaving us feeling a little left out and eager to get back.

One of the most important things I've learnt is to make sure your whole body is a fit and strong as possible.

Last year I had  on/off hip pain that also made it painful to walk on. Drs reports couldn't find anything wrong but a trip to an Osteopath soon solved the problem. The muscles in my lower back that support the hip joints were to blame. One hip was too tight the other too loose, plus the fact  my stomach muscles were weak.

His advice?? Strengthen the core muscles and work on the weaker hip so both were then of equal strength, bingo it worked!!! I used kettle bell exercises but Pilates is fantastic for this.

My advice to anyone is to prevent injury as much as possible by strengthening those core muscles and get some decent trainers. If you do have an injury, rest and rejoin running by doing a gentle shorter run and seeing how you go.

Lisa H

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  1. watfordadmin
    Thanks Lisa I am currently working on my core. Just planking for a while really helps you to strengthen your core. I now feel like I am walking with a straight back rather than slumped - as you say it works - the core is central to everying, and everything gets better if you work on it. I thought pilates was just pelvic floor exercises etc. but I now think everyine should incorporate it into their regime.

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