The Sun Is Out And So Are The Legs

May 7th, what a glorious day. We all set out from Cassiobury Park car park commenting on the sunshine and all agreeing we wanted to go a bit further today.  The groups split at the  bridge after the initial warm up but interestingly the groups followed a similar route. Here are some photos sent over by Amanda Lee.  Are you in any of them? Please comment on the run. What did you see? We saw a Mandarin duck (so I am informed by Liz).

Another point worth sharing is that the local newspapers were reporting that the toilets opposite the temporary tea shop had been vandalised. There was a lot of water about, but I used the toilets today and they were clean, tidy and usable. I know lots of sisters worry about the toilets so thought they needed to know for future reference.

We are planning on doing a run at Virginia Water next week 14th May. Please let Amanda Lee know if you plan to come as we will be setting off from Cassiobury Park and plan on car sharing.  The grounds at Virginia Waters are beautiful and as usual there will be no pressure to run further than you want to. Virginia Water is located on the southern edge of Windsor Great Park, in north west Surrey. There is a pleasant walk around the lake, encompassing many curiosities, including a 100 foot totem pole, a cascade, an obelisk raised by George II, and part of a ruined city imported from North Africa.

The circuit around the lake is about 4.5 miles (7.2 km), about half is paved and the other half is a "natural" path both providing easy walking conditions even with a pushchair. The lake offers eay walking perfect spots for picnics and stunning scenery.

Virginia Water is open all year around, from dawn until dusk.. Virginia Water is free to enter on foot, but parking charges apply. The car parks are open from 8am to 7pm (or dusk, if earlier).I am told that you can do one or two laps of the lake. There will be a normal run in the park for people who don't want to go to Virginia Waters.  the week after is 21st May and the Canal Festival is on at the Aquadrome, and a set of Running Sisters will be running there weather permitting.

Several Running Sisters have signed up to the Vitality 10k on May Bank Holiday. Liz Hizli is looking to run this event but has missed the sign up date.  If you or anyone else has enrolled but cannot run (unexpected events always happen) then please bear Liz in mind. Liz is contactable on Facebook.

May 7th Run - Sunshine and Legs

May 7th Run - Sunshine and Legs

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