AGM 2017 Meeting Minutes

Watford Running Sisters AGM

21st January 2017



Apologies were received from Kathy ,Debbie, Angela, Janet, Pip ,Sharon, Amanda L, Hazel, Caroline, Christine

28 members attended the AGM

Minutes of the previous AGM held on 9th January 2016 were agreed unanimously

Chair’s Report

The Chair Lesley welcomed all to the meeting and wished everyone a happy new year. The chair said it had been a successful year we had welcomed new members. 2016 had seen the launch of the new website which was a real success in promoting knowledge of the WRS to the wider world.  As well as the regular Saturday runs the WRS members had been well represented at Berko fun run, Race for Life, the Starlight walk, the Poppy Run and the Great South Run. Continuing the overseas tour tradition there had been an enjoyable trip to the Palma half marathon and 10k which 14 WRS had joined.

Social activities included Ascot, a meal at Tarboush, a run at Virginia Water and the Xmas party. All those who attended enjoyed these events. The joint social secretaries asked members to let them have any ideas for future events they would like the club to organize.

The Chair thanked all the committee for their hard work in 2016 and all members for continuing to support the club.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Pam, briefly introduced her report. The club had more or less broken even in year with a small balance £57 transferred to reserves. The only items she drew attention to was the donation to charity, this was 4 separate donations of £50 each to St Francis Hospice, Cancer Research, Peace Hospice and Shelter. The donations were agreed by the committee to reflect the participation of WRS members in the event promoted by the charities which asked runners to get sponsorship which was not feasible for all WRS members taking part.

The members accepted the accounts unanimously.


In line with the Constitution all the committee stood down for re election. Amanda L tendered her resignation from the committee. Sandra  agreed to join the committee as Race secretary.

The members  agreed the new committee (the old committee plus Sandra) unanimously

Membership Secretary report

Katharine reported that the membership stood at 66. This was slightly down on 2015. 6 members had deferred their membership due to injury, family circumstances etc. She received many new enquiries from the website from which 2 had firmed up into joining as members. She reported that a number of enquiries were regarding a Beginners course.

The committee were not proposing any increase in membership for 2017, so it would remain at £12 per year. The club remains affiliated to UK Athletics whose club fee remains the same at £100 but those members who affiliate to UK Athletics through WRS should note there was an increase of £1 in 2017/18 to £14. (UKA year runs April to March, WRS is the calendar year)


The Chair explained the rationale behind the 2 proposals and answered questions from the members, supported by Michelle who clarified the delegation proposal

The Charity donation proposal was approved unanimously with Amanda D L proposing and Pat seconding.

The Delegation of Authority to expend funds was approved unanimously with Louise proposing and Maria seconding

The Chair introduced the discussion items which were to get a steer from the AGM whether various proposals should be worked up further.

There was agreement to the summer party and long sleeved running shirts.

A Beginners course was supported with some discussion from members regarding how it was promoted and organized. There was also a steer that it should not be a fund raising exercise. It was also accepted that supporting the course was voluntary.

It was agreed that a sub committee would be formed to organize a beginners course.  The following members agreed to be involved

Pam, Katharine, Amanda D L, Lisa, Wendy, Pat, Liz Leisa

 The proposal re a You Tube video was not well understood. The issue seemed to be the bandwith on the website did not allow videos. Sharon had suggested a link to a You Tube channel. This proposal was deferred pending further discussion when Sharon is available

The Secretary (Barbara) suggested a review in year of the Constitution to make sure it still met the club needs with a draft of any changes being circulated before the next AGM which could then make a decision whether to approve or not. This was agreed.

The meeting concluded at 12.30.

Date of next AGM to be agreed