Committee Meeting Minutes of Meeting 4th June 2016


Watford Running Sisters

 Minutes of Meeting 4th June   2016

Present Lesley Macleod, Dora Slater, Barbara Byrne ,Sam Wade, Rosy Keane, Michelle Thrale, Katharine Finn

Apols Leisa May, Pam Pike, Lisa Hoyland, Amanda Lee, Sharon Ensbury


Agenda Item Minute Action By
 Minutes of previous meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as correct. They had been circulated to all members in May    
Actions from 16.4.16 Group email substituted for Katharine email

Races publicized inc Palma for which there is increasing interest

Agreed to defer Cha Cha publicity poster till we have a reopening date

Sharon asked to invoice costs re website ASAP






Sharon to invoice Pam

Chairs report No specific items for chairs report. There has been no feedback from members re website upgrade Katharine to remind members of website URL and invite feedback Katharine
Treasurers report Financial report, circulated in advance by Pam, was reviewed. Balance was noted and at this stage committee do not see this as a problem. If funds continue to be stable there would be consideration whether to subsidise another piece of kit, eg long sleeved running tops. It was agreed to confirm donation to St Francis Hospice of £50 re Berko run as more than 10 members took part.

Committee wondered if the funds were held in interest bearing account


Pam to send £50 to St Francis Hospice

Pam to confirm whether funds are/can be in an interest bearing account

Membership Report Katharine reported the website is driving people to contact her. 8 people to date which has resulted in 2 additional runners likely to join. She is also receiving different sorts of emails and asked the committee for guidance on how to deal with them. It was agreed that marketing type emails such as charity places for running events would be ignored but ones such as researchers looking for people to take part in research linked to exercise could be circulated to members but with NO endorsement from the committee.

Overall membership stands at 63 paid up members. This was considered satisfactory as there had been no beginners course and a few members had suspended membership pending recovery from injury etc.

Katharine to circulate emails as discussed Katharine
Summer Social Update With great regret the committee decided to postpone the summer party planned for Cha Cha to 2017. Cha Cha will not be open by July and all attempts to source a similar venue have come to nothing. Due to either time constraints (aquadrome) or availability or restrictions on numbers. It was felt the 2015 party was so good that to compromise would risk disappointment.

As a substitute it was proposed a summer run at Virginia Water for the 16th July and encourage running sisters to bring a picnic.

Lesley to draft a message for circulation to members re no summer party and why and the VW run and picnic.

Lesley compose message

Katharine email it

Sharon put on website

Amanda on facebook


Other Social Activites The Virgina Water run in May was a good success with more than 30 WRS attending.

Forthcoming events walk led by Dora 19th June from Chesham station remind members of the event.

Sam had investigated the Twickenham spa. It was £25 for a spa day with treatments extra. The committee felt this was the sort of event like Ascot which if a group wanted to do and invite other WRS to join them it could be publicized via WRS facebook page but was not for the committee to lead on.

There had been a suggestion of an Autumn paintballing. Members were to be asked if this was of interest and any other ideas for social events that they would be interested in



Katharine and Sam to get messages out to members at suitable intervals to avoid message overload.









Xmas Party 16th    December  was penciled in as party evening date. Members to be asked to hold this date.

Sam to investigate venues such as Met police club Bushey, Bushey Hall golf club, Grimsdyke, Watford football club.  The requirements are availability, can accommodate likely numbers, within acceptable price and reasonable accessibility. It was felt a firm decision needs to be made by July so once Sam has the info there will be a short informal meeting to agree venue.

Sam  to do research and feedback.

Katharine to send a hold the date message




Forthcoming Races Race for Life, Starlight Walk, Spitfire all publicized. Bushey spire to be added to website etc. Amanda to let Sharon have the details


Amanda to ensure the dates of forthcoming races are circulated to members. Amanda
Website Sharon was again commended for the excellent improvements to the website. The only issue causing confusion was the latin printers type where content awaited. Sharon to be asked to remove all Latin type and put “page under construction”  where content awaited.

Committee reminded to provide content where possible  eg race reports, what their role is on the committee, how they got into running, photos etc

Sharon to remove latin type




All committee to provide content







AGM Planning to start at next formal meeting. To include clear proposals re charitable donations. Consider whether worth getting a speaker maybe re running, well being or motivation  to make AGM more interesting Barbara to add to next meeting agenda Barbara
AOB Committee noted with sadness the recent death of Kathy’s husband Richard. It was agreed that the club would make a donation to the charity chosen by Kathy    
Date of Next meeting Saturday 3rd September Venue Rising Sun

In between there will be an informal meeting just to agree details re Xmas Party