I was introduced to Watford Running Sisters 3 years ago by a friend that I did boot camp with.
I joined as I had never run more than a mile until well into my 40's. Now I can do 10 at a push! The camaraderie was second to none as everyone there had been been in a similar position.
I have made new friends and discovered beautiful new runs/walks on my doorstep.
Whatever the weather there will be someone to run with.
Social, runs, scenery, fitness or just to lift your spirit WRS fits the bill!

Michelle T,

I joined Running Sisters over 10 years ago, I was in my forties having never run before and arrived for my first session full of trepidation-would I be too unfit, too slow, too old, did I have the right footwear...but I needn't have worried! I was made to feel very welcome and the support and guidance Running Sisters offered to new starters like me was perfectly pitched, so that in a very short time, this couch potato progressed from a quick walk, to a gentle jog!

As part of a running group that peels back for new starters, you always feel included and motivated to give it that little bit more. It didn’t take me too long before I could jog non-stop over 60 minutes and if felt so good!

We jog through local parks and beautiful woodlands making the whole experience so much more uplifting than using a treadmill! It’s a great form of exercise and once you are on a roll, it’s addictive!

It’s a friendly group, lots of fun and I can’t recommend it enough.

Angie C,

I emerged from a lazy Winter into the Spring of 2013 feeling very unfit. My sister and I spotted information about the club's beginners' course and decided to attend. A fortnight before it started my sister injured her knee and I was left with a dilemma; postpone or go on my own.  Sitting on the sofa, all too aware of the belly that was a Christmas 'gift' to myself that year, I decided to stick to the original plan and attend the beginner's course. Was I nervous? Yes. I was not a sporty kid, had done very little in the way of regular exercise since leaving school and was now 44 years old. How was it? Brilliant. Everyone was extremely welcoming and encouraging and I finished that first session with a tremendous sense of achievement. I may not have had my actual sister with me as I had planned, but here were a group of women whose camaraderie and endless encouragement would make them sisters in more than just name in the months and years ahead. I entered and completed my first 10K race six months after joining - something I never would have achieved without being a running sister. Since then I have collected an array of participation medals for 5Kand 10K races, and in March 2015 even took part in my first international 10K race in Limassol. I still marvel at how far it is possible to run with good company as a distraction. Being a running sister means belonging to a very friendly group of mixed ability runners who are extremely accepting of each other's varying abilities and levels of commitment. I find our Saturday morning runs in the park both good physical exercise and good for the spirit. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Katharine F,

Three and half years ago a work colleague invited me to join her with her saturday running group, the WRS. I had run on my own for a few years but couldn't get past 2 miles with out stopping and wasn't very confident. The whole group was very welcoming, friendly and relaxed and I quickly settled into grouping with people of a similar ability. Very soon my fitness and stamina improved as did my confidence. Within 3 months of joining and due to my complete inability to say no, I found myself entering the first Push it for the Peace and loving it! Since then I've entered many other races from obstacle courses to half marathons.  Not only has the running improved my fitness both mentally and physically it also has improved my social life. Through the WRS we have shared runs, walks, bike rides, holidays and partying. I have made some great friends and can honestly say its one of the best things I've ever done.

Lisa H,